Are you looking for jewelry “With intention to fit comfortably, look sophisticated and make you feel your absolute best?” 

 Then look no further than Canadian based brand, Zaleska. Zaleska Jewelry is not only an online sensation, but also an incredible brand focused on inclusivity and sustainability.  

Sylvia Tennant, the founder of Zaleska, grew up with a mother and many aunties who were always dripping in beautiful gemstones. Sylvia mentions how she loved to paint as a child and grew up with a strong creative support system from her parents. The inspiration to start Zaleska did not kick off until later in her life. The brand was started by her best friend, Sylvia created jewelry alongside her throughout University. Sylvia says how “It was initially inspired by the esoteric and mystical arts.” After a few years Sylvia’s friend, Danielle Noel, decided to take a different path, but Sylvia’s passion still resided in jewelry.  

What attracted me to this brand was it's focus on size inclusivity. Sylvia started making rings as she couldn’t find any in her size that fit her unique editorial style. I think, especially in the jewelry industry, the idea of size inclusivity isn’t as talked about as it is in fashion, and personally I haven’t come across a jewelry brand that has made it such a priority. This is so important as we don’t live in a one size fits all world and it is crucial that people of any size can truly express themselves. That is the beauty of fashion. 

 Zaleska is also a sustainable brand (I mean how much better can this company get?) As mentioned on Zaleska’s website “In an age of mass production, we’re taking it slow. Our collection is handmade from first sketch to final polish. Each ring band, necklace bail, and signature Zaleska detail is hand-carved by our team of artisans in Bali, Indonesia. These families have worked with jewelry for generations and we are proud to help continue their legacies and support the economic sustainability of artisan production on the island.” 

She knew that with her one-of-a-kind jewelry and an emphasis on sustainability and inclusivity, she could bring a new fresh innovative brand to the market.  

It is no surprise that Zaleska is an internet hit with their Instagram followers at a staggering 22.3k.  The brand offers a wide variety of products from gorgeous cosmo rings to stunning ocean eye earrings - all made in silver and gold - with a broad range of natural gemstones. These pieces are not only stunning but affordable too. 

Wild Honey Goods will now be carrying Zaleska jewelry! So pop by if you're looking for some cool new pieces to add to your collection.

Check out Zaleska’s official website here!                

Written by, Keeley Goble 

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