Sunday Market Spotlight - I Literally Can Knot

Sunday Market Spotlight - I Literally Can Knot

I literally Can Knot isn't your everyday macrame. Christina has brought the art of the knot to a whole new level with her creations. From market bags and little stand up cactus's to my personal favourite, mushroom wall hangings - there's something for everyone.

Christina grew up here on the West Coast which is where her knotting journey began in 2019. What started as a small plant hanger project quickly grew into a passion. When asked about what she draws inspiration from her answer was so poetic..

"There is something meditative about working with my hands; it's become almost and exercise in mindfulness and a reminder to be present. I'm inspired by warm, cosy spaces found in unexpected places; I am also drawn to deep earthy colours. Working with rope is so hands-on and I find it akin to playing in the dirt or curling up in a fuzzy blanket. I love finding little pockets of warmth in everyday life."

If you can't make it in to our Sunday Market be sure to check out her etsy page

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