By The Sun Collective

By The Sun Collective

Celia, the owner, and founder of By the Sun, was a fourth-year student in UBC, in 2014, studying Biology to become an eye doctor, when she attended a market and discovered a pair of turquoise earrings and immediately fell in love. Thus, leading Celia to the jewelry community on Instagram.  

Celia says “I love the quality of vintage, the story behind them and the energy they hold. The love of vintage jewelry goes back to when I was a child. My parents used to take me to the tribal festivals in Beijing where various Asian tribes were celebrated. There was dancing,there was laughter and there was always beautiful jewelry. I really think that from an early age that made an impression on me.” 

 "As I reflect upon this, I think about one of the main reasons I fell in love with the vintage world; history. Behind each vintage or secondhand piece there are stories and memories, and by wearing the piece you add your stories and memories to its history."

"The idea of passing an heirloom ring, or necklace, down through generations is so beautiful and powerful."

When Celia talks about Vintage jewelry making an impression on her at a young age, this takes me right back to my 5-year-old self-looking through my mother's jewelry box. Fortunately, my mom kept most of my grandma's jewelry, some were costume jewelry and others real pieces, but in my young mind they were all glamorous priceless treasures. 

 Looking through By the Sun’s website I was in awe of the extremely unique and breathtaking jewelry items, I was amazed by the stunning bright turquoise statement necklaces, and the dainty gold rings of era’s gone by. 

I asked Celia where she finds such unique one-of-a-kind pieces. 

“Now, I find jewelry everywhere I go.” Celia says. “For example, I just came back from Nevada, and I make sure to check as many of the Vintage shops as I could. One of the best feelings is finding the most amazing jewels in the least expected places. My goal is to find these beautiful art pieces a new home so they can be treasured for more lifetimes to come. What drives me is witnessing the change in confidence everyone feels when they put on a piece of By the Sun jewelry, they feel more themselves and their confidence shows. It is beautiful!”  

I love the idea of buying from a business’ like By the Sun as their products are filled with more originality and sentimental value. By purchasing you are bringing new life and allowing the piece to live its next chapter.  

Not only are the products gorgeous and incredible quality, By the Sun supports Dig deep, Adopt-A-Native-Elder, and the VGH Foundation with aportion of their shop's proceeds.  

If you are looking to buy some jewelry this summer, why not support local, support vintage, and check out

Written by Keeley Goble

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